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Bringing the Arts to Kentucky’s Students: On a smaller scale than GSA’s summer program, ArtShops provide a similar immersion experience. Each fall, GSA schedules four workshops ..

Important dates Announced.

2014 ArtShops November 1:    Louisville, Louisville Collegiate School November 15:  Bowling Green, Bowling Green High School November 15:  Morehead ..

Welcome to Kentucky GSA

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Welcome to The Kentucky Center Governor’s School for the Arts. For the past twenty-eight  years, GSA has provided hands-on arts opportunities for the state’s talented high school students who are dancers, actors, instrumental and vocal musicians, creative writers, future architects or visual artists. (Read more about us)

In GSA’s 28 years, we have continued to take pride in excellence: the excellence of our many students, and the excellence of the program itself. But that excellence comes with a price tag. While the GSA summer program is completely cost-free for all of its accepted students, tuition, room, board, and supplies cost approximately $3,800 per student for  over 200 students who participate in our summer program annually. Please help us meet our goals. Donate!


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