Drama at GSA provides students with an intensive acting course, with emphasis on developing physical and vocal expressiveness, emotional and intellectual maturity, ensemble attitude and independent thinking. Acting students receive instruction in stage movement, voice and speech, characterization methods, scene study and script analysis, improvisation and creative problem-solving techniques. Drama students meet and study with a number of theatre professionals, have opportunities to attend summer theatre productions and other theatrical events, and are provided with insights into educational opportunities and career options in theatre. A final performance compiled of movement work, improvisation work, scenes and monologues will be performed on the last day of the institute.

Please carefully read the text below to prepare for your Drama audition. Don’t forget to read the Drama Audition Tips.


How to apply for Drama

  1. Submit your application by December 31.
  2. Complete the recommendation process in February. We will send you a link to the recommendation forms via email in late January. This email will also list your audition time/location.
  3. Prepare your Monologue
  • You must use a monologue spoken by a character from an actual play, rather than an original piece of poetry or prose.  It may be dramatic, comedic, or anything in between – just make sure that you are comfortable with it, like it, and feel that you can do it well.
  • Do NOT download a monologue from the internet.  Your monologue should be from a play – full length or short – that you have read.  Also, please avoid monologues that you or your drama teacher know to be overdone.  Please, for instance, do not do a monologue from Our Town, Brighton Beach Memoirs, St. Joan or anything written by Wade Bradford (Promedy especially).
  • Select a character close to your own age, and one that does not require a dialect.
  • The monologue must be memorized
  • The monologue should not exceed 90 seconds in length
  • The monologue should not rely on props, costumes, make-up or any other technical elements. A simple, straight chair is provided and may be used.
  • The monologue should not contain material or language that others who are auditioning may find offensive.


4.  Attend your audition in the spring.  Bring a current photograph of yourself that we may keep.  School photos, headshots, or other posed shots work well, while funny, “crazy,” or candid shots do not.

You will participate in a group audition. The audition lasts approximately 45 minutes.  During the audition you will do:

  • Warm-up exercises
  • Engage in improvised scene work
  • Present your prepared monologue (see step 3)
  • Participate in a brief interview.

You will be evaluated on vocal and physical expression, emotional honesty, intellectual understanding, collaborative willingness, and imaginative independence.


Questions? Call the GSA Helpline at 502-566-5192.