New Media

GSA’s new media program focuses on more recent forms of art communication including digital imagery, video production, and some animation. Students have the opportunity to discuss and critique their works-in-progress and that of their classmates as part of their studio experience.  In addition to instruction and studio time split between still photography and video production, students participate in special workshops and demonstrations conducted by other artists and take field trips to gain a better understanding of their art form.  Students also discuss professional careers in new media and are coached in the preparation of portfolios for college applications.

Please carefully read the text below to prepare for your New Media review: Don’t forget to check out the
New Media Review Tips.


How to apply for New Media

  1. Submit your application by December 31. See below for details about work that needs to be submitted by December 31 and work samples that you bring with you to the review.
  2. Complete the recommendation process in February. We will send you a link to the recommendation forms via email in late January. This email will also list your review time/location.
  3. Prepare your portfolio containing 10 portfolio pieces comprised of any media that you feel best reflects the range of your abilities.  The 10 portfolio pieces can all be in one medium or in a combination of media. Works can be in the following areas:

  • Scripts for movies and/or storyboards.
  • Video (documentary, narrative, or shorts).
  • Still photography (photo studies, essay or documentary).
  • Prints, drawings, paintings and 3D works that may apply to the above.
  • Any Digital Art (this includes, but is not limited to computer generated music, images, or designs)

Your total work submitted cannot exceed 10 pieces. Portfolios which contain fewer than ten works or which do not meet the above requirements will not be judged. Call the GSA Helpline if you have questions about the required pieces for this concentration.

4. Attend your review in the spring. Bring your portfolio with you. The review will consist of:

  1. a five to seven minute personal review of your art portfolio
  2. a brief interview with the judges.


Follow the guidelines for submitting your work. Please read carefully. Be sure to label each piece included in the portfolio with your name and school and the approximate date when you completed the piece.

a.) If your portfolio includes moving-images (e.g. video) then you must mail in two (2) copies of a DVD by Dec. 31, 2013 postmarked deadline. Instead of sending DVDs you can choose to create a private YouTube or Vimeo channel of your submissions. Submit the link and password information on a cover page. Please visit the “Contact Us” page of this website for our mailing address. If submitting short films, animations, or any moving-image works, provide a cover page indicating your specific role in each project and all projects’ respective time lengths. Please note these submitted materials will not be returned, so please do not send originals. All DVDs should be formatted to play in any standard DVD player. DVD-R works best. We highly encourage you to test your DVDs on standard DVD players before submitting them. Do not put any stickers/labels on your portfolio DVDs; instead write the title and your name directly on the disk. Do not submit DVDs or links containing 2D work.

b) If you portfolio includes scripts then you must mail in your two (2) copies of your Script by the Dec. 31, 2013 postmarked deadline. Please visit the “Contact Us” page of this website for our mailing address. Please note these submitted materials will not be returned, so please do not send originals.

c)  If your portfolio includes 2D or 3D art (i.e. photography, digital art, cartoon drawings, etc.), bring all 2D and 3D portfolio pieces to the audition interview. Do not mail in these materials.  Quality of presentation is very important. All 2D work should be printed and matted neatly. If you need assistance, seek help from an art instructor or nearest frame shop. Do not present digital copies of 2D portfolio pieces; take the time to print and matte all 2D work. Expect to take home any 2D or 3D portfolio work you present at the audition. We will not keep these works.

d) If your portfolio includes a combination of media, refer to the instructions above. Submit in advance scripts and moving-image DVDs or links, and bring 2D and 3D work to the audition interview.

Criteria: All work will be judged in the following categories: use of formal elements & principles of visual expression, originality, technical skill, evidence of artistic expression and craftsmanship.

Questions? Call the GSA Helpline at 502-566-5192.