About Us

GSA 2014 on the steps of The Kentucky Center.

Kentucky’s heritage of art and artists is unparalleled, just like the commitment of The Kentucky Center Governor’s School for the Arts to Kentucky’s next generation of young artists.

Every summer for the past twenty-eight years, GSA and our faculty of professional artist/educators have guided over two hundred of Kentucky’s finest young artists through three weeks of incredibly intense (and incredibly fun) arts instruction (since 2014, on the campus of Centre College  in Danville).  GSA auditions promising high school sophomores and juniors in nine different arts disciplines: Architecture+Design, Creative Writing, Dance, Drama, Instrumental Music, Musical Theatre, New Media, Visual Art and Vocal Music.

For three solid weeks, the students live, breathe, eat and sleep the arts. It’s a thrilling, often life-changing experience, as they meet new friends, explore their creativity, and discover new things about who they are and who they can be in the future.

What does GSA cost students? Not a dime. GSA is free to all students selected for the program. GSA pays the entire cost of $3,800 per student through the General Assembly under the leadership of the Governor, along with donations from individuals, corporations and private foundations.

The truth is, GSA creates opportunities far beyond arts instruction.  Here are some facts about GSA alumni:

  • 98% go on to college
  • 98% earn scholarships
  • GSA Alumni average total scholarship value = $59,000
  • GSA alumni score 7.2 points higher on the ACT than the national average

Graduates of the summer program are eligible for a host of scholarships and educational opportunities in all fields of study.  Representatives from as many as 70 colleges and universities from across the country audition and interview graduates in the fall during GSA’s College and Career Day. Students can meet with representatives from such prestigious programs as the Savannah College of Art and Design and the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, along with great programs from the University of Kentucky, the University of Louisville, Transylvania University, Morehead State University, Bellarmine University, Centre College, Eastern Kentucky University, Western Kentucky University, and many more.  Plus, twenty four colleges and universities welcome GSA alums with scholarships, just for having completed the program.

Click here to learn more about the application process – applications are due December 31st! And, be sure to watch this video to get an inside look at the experiences of our students and faculty in all nine of our art forms at GSA 2014